Sonify your environment and send your followers on an exciting interactive journey! Locosonic allows you to place sounds on a virtual map and compose immersive musical tracks, to be experienced by others through location based mobile technology.

Online editor

Designing immersive soundscapes with our online composition tool is as easy as pie. Loops can be synchronized with advanced quantization options. The rendering engine is based on Google Native Client and is super responsive.

Mobile application

Our free mobile soundscape player application will is NOW available for iOS and the Android factory will soon emit white smoke! Grab your GPS equipped phone, put on some quality headphones and go out there to listen!

Freesound integration

From within the online editor you can directly access the Freesound database containing hundreds of thousands of sounds with permissive licenses, ready to be used in your compositions.

Mobile development kit

Our mobile development kit for iOS and Android makes integration of location based music content into your custom app extremely simple. for commercial licensing options and custom application development.

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Free iOS Player

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